The can is not spinning. Just the sealing chuck on the lid of the can. It doesn't mix.
No matter how much you press, it doesn't leak and even carbonic acid is sealed. However, commercial products.It is recommended that you use it for delivery purposes without being semi permanent.
The main customer base is a cafe or beer delivery business. Most people seal more than 100 cans a day, but they're busy, so the customer can't pay. There are cases where it has been received, but there are few instrument defects.
Compatible with other company's products! Please send the sample to our headquarters. If any problems occur after use, the headquarters. Excluding free A/S.
Failure and defects caused by the buyer's negligence, such as external impact or flooding. If not, 1 year free A/S is possible.
• Never put cans in during the initialization of the cans.
• Use the supply voltage of the power supply to match the power consumption.
• Avoid moisture and use the machine in a dry environment.
• Never touch the seaming roller and seaming chuck while the machine is running.
• Please refrain from placing other objects on the machine or pressing it hard to prevent damage to the machine.
• Be careful not to open the back cover of the machine arbitrarily because it may cause an electric shock.